3D Logic Software was founded with the goal of providing cutting edge solutions in the area of 3D computer gaming and 3D computer graphics. The main focus of 3D Logic Software is development of software in the area of 3D games and 3D game engines. 3D Logic Software also works on 3D simulation technology and has technical expertise in both computer software development and computer game development.

3D Logic Software is currently located in Mumbai, India and is in the process of expanding the scope and reach of it’s business goals and areas of expertise. 3D Logic believes that the area of 3D computer graphics and 3D computer gaming, on-line and off-line, provide huge potential for growth. 3D Logic software aims to be a software solutions and software development company focused primarily in the area of game development. With it’s very own game engine and gaming middleware technology, 3D Logic Software has expertise in every aspect of game development as is demonstrated by our solutions.