Doofus Longears – Get ’em Gems.

Doofus Longears – Get ’em Gems is a combination of an arcade platform game and a 3D third person game. The game is divided into a series of levels with varying difficulty and involves controlling the main character Doofus Longears through a maze of platforms to collect all the gems in a particular level.

The gameplay is quite simple to pick-up and learn. The real challenge however is to not let Doofus fall off the narrow ledges and hazardous terrain that lie in his path. In some levels there are guards that guard the gems and the player must see to it that Doofus doesn’t get caught by those guards. If Doofus does get caught, or if he falls off a platform, the level restarts and the player has to collect all the gems in that level again.

The game was entirely built with the Logic Game Engine.




Idetic (or Eidetic – meaning photographic memory) is a memory game that will keep you glued for hours. The game has a simple and uncomplicated gameplay that can be mastered in a matter of minutes, and is yet challenging to beat even after long hours of play.

Idetic was created as a proof of concept to show that the logic game engine can interface with third-party middleware even on platforms like android.


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